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You are a Typography Nerd?
Then you’re at the right place at the typography OBSVR!
Your starting point for your special interest!
You can observe your obsession and find the newest stuff on typography on the web.
We search various popular platforms in realtime at once!

Be up to date!

You have a special interest in typography and want to know everything that happens around it?
Just check our typography stream with the newest Uploads to the web or just visit the Blogs page to see what the typography blogosphere has it about right now.

Become inspired!

So observe, discover, enjoy, be the first and become inspired!

See what others have created, find some gems or simply see what happens on some typography topic on the web right now.

Wow so much...


The best start is the recent search. Here everything on typography is shown that is new on the resp. channel.
You have some more specialized interest?
Then just type a keyword in the search form and get more specialized content.

Be Found

Its easy: name your upload with something like typography or use Tags!
F.E. you made a nice sheet with a Saloon Font, then tag it with "typography" (or Typographie, or typografia) and we recommend to annotate it even more with stuff like: "western", "saloon" and everything that you think fits.

And Then?

You can use Tools like Tumblr, ZooTool or Pinterest to manage your favourites
Or pinch them to Dropular, FFFFound or thelikes...